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TradingView is a browser-based platform that offers investors and traders all the tools they need to analyze the market and make informed decisions about their investments. TradingView claims that too many people lose money on investments because they lack the tools and knowledge to properly analyze their investment decisions before taking the leap. So, to help investors and traders earn more, manage their risks properly, and not lose all their money, TradingView has gathered everything they need in one place.

Another proof of their claim that they really want to help traders is their offer of a free membership with no obligation to trade. In addition, free TradingView real-time data from regions around the world is available along with free tools.
About TradingView's live charts - enhance your charting skills
TradingView charts work using real-time data. By offering multiple charts on one screen, the platform can simplify analysis without the need to switch between windows. These charts offer data in an easy-to-read format, including TradingView's volume profile feature, which shows the volume of buy/sell trades of the market or specific assets. Moreover, as it is a browser-based platform, there is no installation or upgrade required, meaning users can directly view and interact with the charts in the secure cloud.

TradingView provides access to a variety of technical indicators

TradingView's platform has over 100 indicators and over 50 intelligent drawing tools, TradingView has been able to cover most popular trading concepts, including Elliott Waves, Fibonacci and Gann corrections, as well as custom indicator templates. Users can set trend lines, highlight desired elements, and even make handwritten notes, meaning their analysis is completely their own. However, not to leave newbies confused, each of these features has clear instructions and even available video tutorials and stories.
TradingView claims that their platform is one of the largest and most active in the world. As a global platform with millions of users, this means that traders will find information on how to capitalize on trades, where certain assets might go and what new trading strategies are emerging. Publishing charts with technical analysis and the ability to discuss them allows you to find traders with similar interests.

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